Aplysia punctata

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naked marine gastropod having a soft body with reduced internal shell and two pairs of ear-like tentacles

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In a short-term experiment, we exposed Aplysia punctata to a reduction in seawater pH from ambient conditions (~8.
Specimens of Aplysia punctata, ranging in size from 0.
Aplysia punctata showed no decrease in calcification of new shell material, although there was a significantly reduced metabolic rate under low pH.
In our experiment, low pH caused an approximate 30% decrease in metabolism in Aplysia punctata.
Crystallization occurs as long as appropriate cellular pH is maintained around these nuclei and, from our data, it appears that Aplysia punctata can adequately control cellular acid-base balance even in the presence of substantial decreases in environmental pH.
Under even extreme ocean acidification scenarios, Aplysia punctata can maintain shell calcification despite a significant reduction in metabolic rate, although overall shell growth may be disrupted.
Cloning and biochemical characterization of APIT, a new L-amino acid oxidase from Aplysia punctata.
Cytotoxic cyplasin of the sea hare, Aplysia punctata, cDNA cloning, and expression of bioactive recombinants in insect cells.