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(Greek mythology) Greek god of light

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The finalized online questionnaire was sent to 1552 members of APLU who were identified as serving in a research leadership role.
They drew together about 10 of their closest colleagues as a semiformal leadership team and began to think about how they could use the convening power of APLU and the social capital within their loose confederation to work toward forming a NIC.
These data suggested that the support of APLU was an important factor in mobilizing leaders of higher education institutions to make a commitment to the goal of the consortium--to transform secondary mathematics teacher preparation in response to CCSSM.
In January 2012, the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities embarked upon a commitment to engage APLU membership institutions "in a comprehensive dialogue on the subject of minority males in STEM with the ultimate aim of providing leading higher education institutions with the tools, information, and perspectives that will assist them in the practice in identifying, retaining, and graduating minority males in STEM fields".
page=research) was conducted by APLU to ensure that the three tests measured similar learning constructs and could be used interchangeably by institutions to report on learning gains.
Increasing Access Through Transfer" Co-Sponsored by NISTS, NASPA and APLU
La inmortalidad no se puede demostrar matematicamente, pero debemos recurrir en esta cuestion "aux verites reveles, la necessite d'avoir recours a une lumiere d'enhaut, dans les profondes tenebres, dont il aplu a la Providence divine d'environner notre humanite'.
Samples were tested for the presence of aCL antibodies (IgG, IgM, and IgA isotypes) with a standardized ELISA (17,18), and results were expressed as GPLU, MPLU, and APLU for IgG, IgM, and IgA, respectively.
The APLU is a research and advocacy organization of public research universities, land-grant institutions, and state university systems with member campuses in all 50 states.
Separately, all institutions on the APLU list were searched individually to determine if agricultural communication programs existed that might have been missed by the general Internet search.
This country depends on public research universities, which educate 85 percent of the undergraduate students and 70 percent of the graduate students enrolled in all research universities," the APLU report notes.
The final part of the project involved a validity study, under the direction of APLU, of the three major standardized tests of student learning public universities are required to use to participate in the Voluntary System of Accountability's College Portrait Web reporting too.