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Photo documentation (Friesner Herbarium at Butler University) was used to report Aplectrum hyemale as a county record for Johnson County because removing a specimen would alter the population size and prevent that specimen from possibly producing fruits.
Aplectrum typically produces two corms but may occasionally have three or four interconnected corms (Fernald 1950).
is similar to Aplectrum in that it is also a winter perennial with a single basal leaf.
This lone orchid, which was located approximately 20 m from other Aplectrum plants, was the only plant to produce fruits in 2012.
The Aplectrum population size remained relatively stable during this study although there was a slight increase in 2013.
In HWBFS, the Aplectrum basal leaves had withered by early May.
Consistent with Homoya (1993), few Aplectrum plants flowered in this study.
According to herbarium records and published literature, there are no accounts of Aplectrum flowering twice in one year or of flowering occurring late in summer.
2007) determined that the seed coat in Aplectrum is resistant to water, but that water imbibition is needed for germination.
Although most botanists describe Aplectrum as having one basal leaf (Gleason & Cronquist 1991; Homoya 1993; Yatskievych 2000), in the Great Plains, Aplectrum occasionally has been observed with two leaves (McGregor et al.
In conclusion, the Aplectrum population at HWBFS was relatively stable for the two years of this study even with the abnormal weather in 2012 that impacted the phenology of the species.