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Royal jelly production in East Africa: performance potential of the honey bees, Apis mellifera scutellata and Apis mellifera monticola in Kenya.
It is interesting to note in this regard that apis mellifera, like all honey bees, conducts a dance to inform its mates of food sources.
56 hectares of forest through management practices mainly honey species to facilitate their development and abundance of nectar production and other useful tools for the Apis mellifera, for activities such as arise: Potentiate the species established in the vegetation, maintaining species harvesting areas, dispersing seeds mellific interest, eliminating competition from other pioneer plants dispersed species and planting plants.
The results from the study confirmed the general reports from beekeepers about regular colony absconding, poor colony strength and high percentage of colony decline as peculiar behaviour of Apis mellifera adansonii species.
Estudo genetico da agressividade da Apis mellifera.
The bees' pollination skills are good news for backyard gardeners and commercial growers, especially in light of the problems plaguing America's best-known pollinator, the European honey bee, Apis mellifera.
Meanwhile, the crops we have Apis mellifera pollinating are awash in pesticides; in some cases, plants are even genetically modified to produce the chemicals themselves.
The varroa mite Varroa destructor is a highly damaging ectoparasite of the European honey bee, Apis mellifera.
The European honeybee, Apis mellifera, is the `bees knees' in terms of honey production and pollination.
Molecular Mechanisms of Antioxidant Protective Processes in Honeybee Apis mellifera
Mainly species of interest in beekeeping will be favored by tasks such as potentiate established species within the vegetation, maintaining species in areas of use, collect and disperse seeds mellific interest and reduce the chance of competition from other pioneer plants species, ensuring a scenario best honey plants, generating a greater capacity to supply inputs to the Apis mellifera by vegetation Ejido, which will affect improve honey production in quality and quantity.
Throughout the survey, the insects observed on the cowpea flowers were flies (Dipterans), wasps (Hymenoptera); bees such as Lasioglossum sp (Hymenoptera: Halicitidae; Halicitinae), Apis mellifera adansoni (Hymenoptera: Apidae), Ceratina sp
Em estudos realizados com Citrus sinensis, foi verificado que a alta concentracao de acucares serve como atrativo, em especial para Apis mellifera, e a disponibilidade do nectar concentrado ao longo do dia mantem a atratividade aos polinizadores (MALERBO-SOUZA et al.