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type genus of the Apidae: honeybees

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Most, but not all of the 40 APIs mentioned in the preceding discussion have some possibility of failure due to dynamic rollover.
The API Store, which lets IT organizations set up their own Apple or Google Marketplace-like store where developers can easily subscribe to and consume APIs.
Audit and enforce Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for APIs
Brokering protocols and mapping identity between internal and third-party APIs
ScinoPharm has also developed a broad portfolio of API products in the oncological, hormonal, antibiotics, and CNS arenas.
Explains dress codes and why they are so important in the API Industry.
Building on the success of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE(TM)), XML and Web Services technologies in enterprise applications and e-commerce, the OSS through Java Initiative is chartered to develop functional APIs that accelerate the development of innovative OSS/BSS solutions where all applications function together.
Simple and straightforward, the Parlay API Accelerator Program includes participants from a variety of Parlay Group member companies.
It also is the first API management product to let IT organizations set up their own consumer-like API Store where developers can easily subscribe to and consume APIs.
The report addresses the following key topics: The Business Case for Telecom Network APIs: An assessment of the business case for Telco Network APIs API Aggregation: The role of API Aggregators, the total cost usage for APIs with aggregation and a review of aggregator API usage by category.
HBA vendors have unique hardware (ASIC) and software (drivers); so independent software vendors (ISVs) are forced to support multiple APIs, which increases development time.
This approach is unique as it offers on-premise usage, so it is truly free of charge to the trial user -- unlike the free Open API model offered by some vendors where trial users are forced to place APIs in the firm's cloud which results in monthly fees.