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type genus of the Apidae: honeybees

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Using WSO2 API Manager, IT organizations can publish both production and sandbox keys for APIs to enable easy developer testing, and developer interactions with APIs can be managed via comments and ratings.
The common HBA API is a low-level standard API written in 'C' language for accessing information in a FC SAN via the HBA.
The Vordel API Server delivers APIs of all types, including REST APIs for cloud, mobile and Web, SOAP APIs for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and file based interfaces for B2B integration.
Any reliable testing methodology must begin by testing all APIs because it is impossible to predict which APIs are used by your applications and system commands.
The first full-featured open source API management product, expanding the benefits of managed APIs to enterprises of all sizes.
It also offers a wide range of enterprise adapters enabling the mapping of APIs into enterprise systems such as SAP and TIBCO.
Web APIs provide a platform for customers, partners, and employees to build new features and capabilities.
NEW YORK -- From the Cloud Expo 2011 show floor, Layer 7 Technologies today unveiled its new API Portal technology, giving show attendees a first look at an enterprise-class solution that enables companies to maximize the growing market opportunity around exposing their content and applications to third party developers.
Ondansetron HCl is ScinoPharm's sixth API product marketed in the US," said Dr.
By bringing to market an API that leverages SANscreen's global storage view, customers and ecosystem partners can develop applications that more fully integrate storage into the IT service delivery chain.
Who regulates the API industry, how new drugs are approved, types of regulatory inspections and inspection outcomes, and the role of employees in inspections.
The Parlay API Accelerator Program was created to help speed the movement of APIs from development to commercial implementation.
OSS/J APIs greatly reduce the complexities of integration by providing a well designed and easy-to-use architecture that closely matches the industry's vision for next generation OSS as defined by the TeleManagement Forum's NGOSS.
Responding to the industry demand for more telecom and IT specifications with faster development times, the Parlay Group launched the "Parlay API Accelerator Program" at the Parlay/OSA 2005 Americas Conference in Boston.
As part of the award, API is donating $5,000 to the first place winner's charity of choice, and $2,500 to the second place winner's charity of choice.