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Note to Editors: *Survey conducted with sample size of 5,973 Australians aged 18+, by Lonergan Research on behalf of Apia.
In addition, this study examines diversity within the APIA community by distinguishing between monoracial and multiracial APIA actors.
The proportion of APIA individuals who were foreign-born was the highest of any racial group at (61.
APIA parents are thus readily prepared to sacrifice personal needs in serving the interests of their children and in providing for the welfare and security of the family as a whole.
For Samoa have beaten Wales in three of their last four meetings, producing a stunning upset at Cardiff Arms Park in the 1991 World Cup, smashing the then Five Nations champions in the heat of Apia in 1994, and then repeating their World Cup success in the 1999 showpiece at the Millennium Stadium.
One-way fares from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to or from Apia are available for NZD100, not including taxes, and fares from Sydney and Brisbane to Apia are available for AUD150, not including taxes, subject to availability.
Dr Lemalu Fiu, of the main hospital in the main city, Apia, said the number of casualties was expected to rise as the injured arrive from coastal areas.
The initial productions tests, carried out at depths of between 1,354 and 1,367 m (4,442 and 4,485 ft), showed flows of 1,264 b/d of 26 APIA oil and 16,400 m (53,805 ft) of gas a day, the company reports.
The generous offer to donate 100 gallons of heating oil to each household in these four communities meant a great relief to the residents," said Dimitri Philemonof, APIA President/CEO.
For the first time, APIA and non-APIA decision makers at all levels of government will gather with stakeholders representing community based organizations, philanthropy, business, non profit and the media to discuss the opportunities and barriers for the full participation of APIA in building better communities for everyone.
WELSH referee Clive Thomas was attacked by an elderly fan and needed a police escort from the field after sending off two Samoan players during yesterday's game against France in Apia.
KBR will prepare a national Sanitation Master Plan, a draft Land Use Plan for the Samoan capital, Apia, and a Greater Apia Integrated Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage Master Plan.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance, Repair and Technical Assistance, the System Total Service for Printing Equipment in the Endowment Apia
1930 OTHER SPORT TENNIS: Sydney: Apia International.
a global engineering firm with annual revenues of $1 billion and operations in more than 60 countries, has added a design center of excellence for its international operations with the acquisition of APIA XXI, based in Santander, Spain.