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any of several large worms having a broad flattened body with a mat of coarse hairs covering the back

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5 Poliquetos Acoetidae, Aphrodita acuminata, Benthoscolex cubanus, Capitellidae, Ceratonereis irritabilis, Chloeia viridis, Eunice biannulata, Eunice hawaiensis, Eunice multicylindri, Eunice panamena, Harmothoe sp.
Principal Groups Species Echinoderms Astropecten brasiliensis brasiliensis Muller & Troschel 1842 Arbacia dufresnii (Blainville 1825) Annelids Aphrodita longicomis Kinberg 1855 Bivalves Aequipecten tehuelchus (d'Orbigny 1846) Mytilus edulis platensis d'Orbigny 1846 Ostrea puelchana d'Orbigny 1841 Gastropods Adelomelon beckii (Broderip 1836) Crepidula argentina Simone, Pastorino & Penchaszadeh 2000 Crustaceans Libinia spinosa Milne Edwards 1834 Fishes Paralichtys patagonicus Jordan 1889 Percophis brasiliensis Quoy & Gaimard 1824 Squatina argentina (Marini 1930) Discopyge tschudii Heckel 1846
34 Paranaitis polynoides (Moore, 1909) Steggoa gracilior Chamberlin, 1919 34 Phyllodocidae indeterminable Aphroditidae Aphrodita parva Moore, 1905 25 Laetmonice pellucida Moore, 1903 Polynoidae Halosydna johnsoni (Darboux, 1899) Polynoidae sp.