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6 Aphididae 3 2 Delphacidae 33 13 Cicadellidae 20 4 Psyllidae 8 Membracidae 2 Cixiide 3 Hymenoptera 10.
Check list of the Hemiptera (excepting the Aphididae, Aleurodidae and Coccidae) of America, North of Mexico.
The alignment used for phylogeny inference consisted of 104 Aleyrodidae and 3 Aphididae (outgroup) barcodes and accession numbers are provided (Fig.
Nine families within four Orders also were identified from fragments: Homoptera: Achilidae, Aphididae, and Cercopidae; Neuroptera: Chrysopidae; Coleoptera: Cantharidae and Mordellidae; and Diptera: Empididae, Mycetophillidae, and Sciaridae.
All species belonged to the Aphididae family and within it to 4 subfamilies.
Contributions to a monograph of the Aphididae of Europe.
All the aphids collected belonged to the Aphididae family and within it, to 6 subfamilies: Aphidinae, calaphidinae, chaitophorinae, Eriosomatinae, Saltusaphidinae and Lachninae.