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Synonyms for apex


highest point

Synonyms for apex

Synonyms for apex

the highest point (of something)

the point on the celestial sphere toward which the sun and solar system appear to be moving relative to the fixed stars

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Patients with this condition have the apex of the heart positioned in the right side of the chest and not the left.
Five years later, they reassessed hostility levels and measured calcification from the root of the aorta to the apex of the heart using ultrafast CT scanning (JAMA 283[19]:2546-51, 2000).
With AVB, surgeons relieve the obstruction to blood flow at the narrowed aortic valve by inserting a conduit containing a valve between the apex of the heart and the descending aorta.
The paraconal interventricular branch followed the corresponding groove to the apex of the heart in five individuals (three females and two males) (83.
Delivery of the heart valves and przezudowych przezkoniuszkowych (inter alia: the aortic valve implanted in the apex of the heart, the aortic valve implanted in the femoral artery, self-expanding aortic valve, aortic valve transapically niedomykanosci dedicated to the aortic valve self-expanding aortic rewritable repositioning, etc.
The patent pending Permaseal technology allows the surgeon to remotely affix a biocompatible implant to the apex of the heart, creating an "access site" on the myocardial surface of the heart.