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Synonyms for aperture

Synonyms for aperture

an open space allowing passage

Words related to aperture

a device that controls amount of light admitted

a natural opening in something

an man-made opening

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aperature, luprec, RTOS, ATOF-AutoCAD default system variable[13].
3 centimeters) was placed below the aperature so as to keep large insects out of the collector jar.
W1905 Radar library, now featuring multitargeting to synthetic aperature radars.
5 pounds (without tripod) Feed system: 250-round fabric belt Sights: Front-- hooded blade Rear-- aperature adjustable by leaf from 200 to 2000 meters Rate of fire: 450 rpm Specifications: Pistoolmiltrailleur M.
The ProPak-LBplus is powered by NovAtel's OEM4-G2 receiver - a small, high performance, dual frequency GPS engine featuring patented Pulse Aperature Correlator (PAC) multipath reduction technology.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Erection And Commissioning Of Solar Water Heater System With Heat Exchanger Type 2 For Warm Region With Following Specifications:Lead Time In Days :10, Rated Capacity In Ltrs:Lpd500, Min Aperature Area Of Collector Sq.
The satellite's advanced technology includes a powerful digital signal processor capable of trillions of operations per second, and a more than 40-foot-wide aperature antenna that lets it handle nearly 14,000 mobile-to-mobile calls simultaneously.