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Synonyms for aperture

Synonyms for aperture

an open space allowing passage

Words related to aperture

a device that controls amount of light admitted

a natural opening in something

an man-made opening

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In the relationships between linear variables (shell aperature width versus shell length and shell breadth versus shell length), the comparison between males and females from the same sampling site did not show significant differences (t-test, P < 0.
aperature, luprec, RTOS, ATOF-AutoCAD default system variable[13].
Measurement of stomatal aperature and diffusive resistance.
This article presents a method that corrects the pattern data by synthesizing the aperature distribution and reforming the far-field pattern with the phase error removed.
Here, the female could pass partially through the aperature (without the gate there) and sniff the area immediately outside the inner chamber.
The slide film features a magnetic coating that makes it possible to print a range of data and shooting information on the slide mount, including frame title, shooting data such as aperature and shutter speed, and shooting date and time.
For example, there are useful summaries of field spectroradiometery and synthetic aperature radar (SAR).
The eye, like a top-of-the-line modern camera, contains a self-adjusting aperature, an automatic focus system, and inner surfaces surrounded by a dark pigment to minimize the scattering of stray light.
3 centimeters) was placed below the aperature so as to keep large insects out of the collector jar.
W1905 Radar library, now featuring multitargeting to synthetic aperature radars.