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a mountain range extending the length of the Italian peninsula

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Yasuda began working with Miyazaki on '3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (From the Apennines to the Andes)' together with Director Isao Takahata back in 1976.
THE quake was in a shallow fault in the Apennines, the mountain chain backbone of Italy's "boot".
THE quake in Norcia was in a shallow fault in the Apennines, the mountain chain backbone of Italy's "boot".
I've thought for a while that the humble headscarf (think Princess Grace protecting her hairdo as she speeds through the Apennines in her canary-yellow convertible) needs to make a come back.
Forming the backbone and ribs of the Italian peninsula, the Apennines expand laterally here creating a complex system of parallel mountain ridges that enclose vast tablelands.
Pickering's feature 11, the dark spot known as Palus Putredinis at the foot of Apennines, is not too hard to make out if you imagine it in front of this same lobe of hair.
The decision has also laid a legal basis for Shalabayeva's stay in the Apennines.
During the War, Ed took part in the battles of Roma, Arno, and North Apennines earning the Purple Heart for wounds suffered in battle.
Which enclave republic in the Italian Apennines was reputedly founded in the fourth century?
The Alps are related to the east-southeastward subduction of the Eurasian plate underneath the Adriatic plate, whereas the Apennines are the accretionary prism of the westward subduction of the Adriatic plate.
In Europe, now on the agenda continues to be the story of the parliamentary elections, and after the results, it became clear that a consensus to both motherboards Italian parliament oh how far, the threat of the country sliding into debt significantly increased in light of the current political situation in the Apennines .
Deformation, fluid flow, and mass transfer in the forearc of convergent margins; field guides to the northern Apennines in Emilia and in the Apuan Alps (Italy).
They then traveled underground to Italy's Gran Sasso National Laboratory beneath the Apennines Mountains.
The new five year permit relates to Southern Apennines fairway for shallower gas and deeper oil in the Colle Ginestre licence located in Campobasso and Chieti on the Adriatic coast of central Italy.