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Synonyms for ape-man

hypothetical organism formerly thought to be intermediate between apes and human beings

a person assumed to have been raised by apes

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It seems that the humans hold one side of this plateau--over yonder, where you saw the caves--and the ape-men hold this side, and there is bloody war between them all the time.
Beside him stood his master, the king of the ape-men.
Two of the ape-men had seized one of the Indians out of the group and dragged him forward to the edge of the cliff.
The dense mob of ape-men ran about in bewilderment, marveling whence this storm of death was coming or what it might mean.
Already the ape-men were recovering from their panic.
As he spoke, from the dark recesses of the woods we heard far away the jabbering cry of the ape-men.
All day we heard the excited calling of the ape-men in the direction of our old camp, but none of them came our way, and the tired fugitives, red and white, had a long, deep sleep.