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a building that is divided into apartments

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Newcastle City Council has submitted the plans and hopes to build an assisted-living apartment block for people who need support and care.
The manager of the apartment block said she was relieved to hear the driver was unharmed.
Reports said the holidaymaker fell through a skylight on the Tanit apartment block, which overlooks the marina in San Antonio.
The post Italy apartment block collapses, eight people missing appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Piling and foundation works are under way at the apartment block at Al Raha Beach, which will contain 120 units over 11 floors.
7 WRECK-IT RALPH (2012) CARTOON fun with video game character Wreck-It Ralph striving to be seen as more than the guy who smashes the apartment block to pieces every day.
Television footage from the scene showed an entire section of the apartment block lying in ruins.
The latest scheme, called Left Bank and put forward by Regal Property Group, has been scaled down with a 22-storey apartment block and a 18-storey hotel.
The police are on search for five Arab suspects who kidnapped her from the parking lot of her apartment block.
A leopard sparked panic in a north Indian city when it strayed inside a hospital, a cinema and an apartment block before evading captors, an official said Monday.
In my apartment block, at least two residents on my floor have left lit candles or unprotected oil lamps unattended on their doorsteps.
Locals said that officers are paying regular visits to his apartment block in Bournemouth, Dorset, to monitor the situation, with one resident saying that Gascoigne does not want to get better despite being given help, adding that the residents are fed up of his antics.
The lower stories of the apartment block are still partially intact and will be gradually finished off using machines.
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