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a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land

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Their Dallas Apartment Locators work with 93% of apartments in North Texas and offer Rental Cash Rebates for using their Dallas Apartment Locator Service.
Imperfect information is also present and accounts for the prevalence of apartment locator services, appraisers, and so forth.
Over the past four years he has helped others find apartments while working as an apartment locator. “That's when I realized there was a need for a more informative website that includes every apartment available in Las Vegas and the surrounding communities,” Dahlgren explained.
When Sharp returned to the United States, he earned his real estate license and worked part time with an apartment locator firm.
An apartment locator service is an especially good extra duty for a capable, motivated secretary or administrative assistant.
We also offer a free apartment locator service to our partners.
Rent concessions and apartment locator fees can be significantly reduced.
In terms of ranking the purchasing power in product categories, 87 percent of UNITS readers are involved in the purchase of maintenance supplies and services; followed by Paint/Floor Coverings/Window Treatments (83 percent); Resident and Employee Screening (80 percent); Plumbing and HVAC (80 percent); Appliance and Home Furnishings (76 percent); and Apartment Locator and Marketing Services (72 percent).