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a humorous but derogatory term for an official of a large organization (especially a political organization)

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a communist who was a member of the administrative system of a communist party

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A los aparatchiks, mas gordos y bien cuidados, los habia ofendido mas.
While the party leaders and aparatchiks did everything possible to hinder the ordinary citizen from gaining open access to the forbidden books and publications, they themselves and their children did not appear to have that problem.
It's not true of course - a vote for either is a vote for low-quality party-first career aparatchiks.
aparatchiks, capitalism and its real-world agents, the commercial
But it is inevitably confronted by two disadvantages: the frescoes which are among Perugino's absolute masterpieces cannot he moved; and nor can his finest altarpieces, whether those painted for Florentine patrons and divided between the Uffizi, the Pitti and Munich or those supplied for Perugia which were appropriated with impressive efficiency by revolutionary aparatchiks and are now for the most part in the provincial museums of France.
The Castle itself is painted in a kind of daily grey that is in keeping with its bureaucratic aparatchiks, or "lawyers and secretaries," who work in dreary rooms, which are more often like a network of cells in an underground world where records and documents keep multiplying, of which the note-pad is a fitting symbol.
The rest of the ranks could be filled with party aparatchiks who had paid their dues and deserved a reward but who lacked the political acumen or technical experience necessary to be effective lawmakers.
And when I suggest that when the froth is blown away it is still a case of a lobbying firm of New Labour aparatchiks trading on oldfashioned contacts, she baulks.
See, when Mr Blair and Helen Liddell's little helpers and apprentice aparatchiks were at school, it was William Hague's lot who were in charge of all that three R's stuff.
The newly established Ministry of Religious Affairs no longer was made up of anti-religious aparatchiks but of representatives of the major religious communities.
While the protocols of censorship and the covert politics of the theatres varied widely - for most of the Cold War, Poland was a haven of free expression compared to Romania, for instance - theatre artists and Communist aparatchiks since the death of Stalin in 1956 have played by rules familiar to both sides.