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any member of Athapaskan tribes that migrated to the southwestern desert (from Arizona to Texas and south into Mexico)

a Parisian gangster

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New Version of Popular SSL Module for the Apache Web Server
As a leading provider in Apache Web Server Solutions based on RSA Cryptography, Covalent delivers customers a commercial-grade solution," said Anil Pereira, vice president of VeriSign's Internet Services Group.
Covalent Technologies offers commercial support and enhancements for the open-source Apache Web server software.
Covalent develops commercial software enhancements for Apache and is the only source of full commercial support for the Apache Web server platform.
Founded in 1994, Covalent Technologies is a leading supplier of commercial software and support for the Apache Web server.
APC is the only UPS manufacturer to address the specific needs of Apache Web Server users by enabling them to quickly configure APC's PowerChute plus to safely shutdown an Apache Web Server in the event of a power failure.
To that end, JBoss introduced an option for customers of the JBoss Application Server or Apache Jakarta Tomcat to add full professional support services for the Apache Web Server, the most widely deployed web server in Fortune 500 enterprises.
CRYPTO-Server's CRYPTO-Web component makes it simple to authorize and positively identify all Apache web server users - and with almost 75 percent (or more than 15 million) of the world's web servers running on Apache, CRYPTO-Server represents a significant advance in authentication technology for the dominant player in the web medium.
increased web site security through an upgrade to Apache Web server 1.
FileMaker Server 8 Advanced web publishing supports Apache web server on Mac OS X and IIS web server on Windows.
Publisher O'Reilly has released a book dedicated to the complex subject of securing the Apache web server.
64-bit Apache Web server demonstrations on AMD Opteron and AMD Athlon processor-based system can be viewed at booth #11 at ApacheCon Nov.
They are reminding Apache web server users that a patch for the vulnerability has been available since July 2002 from http://www.
Entercept(TM) Security Technologies, developer of essential sever-level security technology necessary for system, application and data protection, today announced it is broadening its award-winning Web server protection to include specific protection for the Apache Web Server running on Solaris.
Other examples include the other open-source Unix (OSU), BSD, and applications such as Sendmail, the Apache Web server, the Perl scripting language, and others that serve as the fundamental "plumbing" of the Internet.