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any member of Athapaskan tribes that migrated to the southwestern desert (from Arizona to Texas and south into Mexico)

a Parisian gangster

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The subsequent horseback trek is fraught with peril including attacks by Apache Indians and Wade's gun-crazy second-in-command, Charlie Prince (Foster).
The kind of scalpline that would get Apache Indians very, very excited, apparently.
All his artwork incorporates the stylings of the Navajo and Apache Indians.
The methods used to make these detailed inferences aren't much different from those developed by skilled trackers in groups such as the Apache Indians of North America or the Kalahari bushmen of Africa, says Martin.
In 1766 the Spanish explorer Nicolas de Lafora found the dunes "very troublesome" and that approaching the only water near them required moving cautiously, for the Apache Indians "are wont to surprise and kill passers-by.
At stake in this country, according to Newcomb and Kills Straight, are lands sacred to Native Americans such as Paha Sapa (the Black Hills) in South Dakota -- which the Sioux nations have struggled for years to have returned to them -- and Mount Graham in Arizona, where the Vatican and other parties built a controversial observatory despite the objections of traditional Apache Indians.
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