Barbary sheep

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Free-ranging aoudad sheep were introduced in the Panhandle and Trans-Pecos regions of West Texas in the 1950's.
The book introduced me to the Barbary or aoudad sheep. Though not a native North American animal, the book listed the aoudad (pronounced OW-dad) because there was a huntable free-ranging population in the U.S., and the photos of these majestic sheep with long flowing beards and chaps made a lasting impression on me.
However, the most common species such as axis deer, aoudad sheep, blackbuck, fallow deer, mouflon and sika deer are generally free-ranging on large acreage.
Johnny's business is best known for its quality elk hunts in New Mexico on both public and private lands, but he also offers trips for antelope and mule deer in New Mexico, aoudad sheep in Texas, and whitetails in Illinois.
A few years ago, while hunting aoudad sheep and Carmen Mountains whitetail's in West Texas, I was watching a couple of aoudad rams.