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a region in northwestern Italy

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Address for Correspondence: Savinio Sciascia, Center of Research of Immunopathology and Rare Diseases -Coordinating Center of the Network for Rare Diseases of Piedmont and Aosta Valley, Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences, University ofTurin, Italy
St Joseph's College Senior students and four teachers from St Joseph's College embarked on their journey to Aosta Valley, Italy, for the school's annual ski trip on Saturday, January 20.
Champoluc is in the Aosta Valley region of north west Italy, and is reached after a relatively short 90 minute transfer from Turin.
Without the semblance of a hearing, the youngsters were shot point blank ("Soviet style"), suddenly and without warning, on December 9, 1943, in the Aps near Verres in the Aosta Valley, close to the Swiss frontier.
The Cerebrovascular Aosta Registry (CARe) is a population-based registry recording first-ever strokes in all age groups for a geographically defined area, the Aosta Valley, Italy.
The ski area is spectacular - plenty of nice easy runs on the French side and thanks to linked pistes and lifts, you can ski over to the Italian resort of La Thuile in the Aosta Valley. The slopes there are steeper and more technical but there's always a blue or red alternative if you want to avoid some of the scarier black runs.
The supermarkets to be acquired are located in three regions in northern Italy, including Lombardy, Liguria and the Aosta Valley, and generated 2013 net sales of some EUR300m (USD410m), according to the buyer's statement.
Other locations are Johannesburg, South Africa and Aosta Valley, Italy, with more to be announced soon.
The body was recovered and reportedly taken to the town in the Aosta Valley.
NOON Get on my BMW GS 800 and ride to the Col du Petit Saint-Bernard into the Aosta Valley, Italy, for a delicious margarita pizza and an hour or two at the Pre-Saint Didier thermal spa.
People are reported fleeing stores and offices in Milano, Bologna and the Aosta Valley near the border with France.
This area is at the same latitude as Aosta valley in northern Italy, where thelaziosis in dogs is regularly reported.
Piedmont and the smaller, autonomous region of Valle d'Aosta (Aosta Valley) are located in the northwestern corner of Italy, near the border with France to the west and Switzerland to the north.
During an ecological study focused on the impact of ski runs on alpine arthropod communities in Aosta Valley (NW Italy), fourteen specimens (two females and twelve males) of gnaphosids of the genus Berlandina Dalmas 1922 were found.