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a region in northwestern Italy

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However, the limitations of our study must also be recognized: the Aosta Valley population is predominantly Caucasian, which may limit the possibility to generalize our findings to other ethnic groups, in whom the risk of AF and other risk factors may differ; the use of prestroke mRS is not standardized, because the mRS was designed and validated to measure global clinical function after stroke; our study did not examine the role and impact of hospital treatment practices, given the observational nature of this investigation.
La Thuile, Italy from PS325pp LARGELY undiscovered by British skiers, La Thuile developed from several small Aosta Valley hamlets into the ski town it is today.
People are reported fleeing stores and offices in Milano, Bologna and the Aosta Valley near the border with France.
This area is at the same latitude as Aosta valley in northern Italy, where thelaziosis in dogs is regularly reported.
The scenery is wonderful and the Aosta Valley offers much to the visitor besides.
During an ecological study focused on the impact of ski runs on alpine arthropod communities in Aosta Valley (NW Italy), fourteen specimens (two females and twelve males) of gnaphosids of the genus Berlandina Dalmas 1922 were found.
Others take place in the Aosta Valley in Italy and in Haute-Savoie in France.
Yvonne Rawson, her husband Stephen, their daughter Grace and her friend were enjoying a family holiday at Champoluc, in the Aosta Valley, in Italy, earlier this year.
It makes sense to use the town ( with its great bars and atmosphere ( as a base for exploring elsewhere in the Aosta Valley.
Since then, the Cooperative's goal has been to protect the small farmers in the Aosta valley who are the primary producers, but above all, to maintain the highest production standards and protect consumers from imitations by offering them a product guaranteed to be authentic.
So I took some persuading to join a group of friends on an Interski trip to Courmayeur in Italy's Aosta Valley because it, too, involved an overnight coach journey.
A mud slide in the village of Fenis, in the Alpine Aosta Valley, killed five people, the Ansa news agency reported, while two more people were swept away as the Stura, Po and Dora Riparia rivers in Piemonte surged over their banks.
Ralph Jodlbauer studies data from Alsace, Carinthia, Burgenland, South Tyrol, West Switzerland, the Aosta valley, Luxembourg, and South and North Schleswig concerning linguistic minorities, and concludes that their existence is almost everywhere under threat.
Right: In August 1990 Piero Armando captured the full Moon rising at the Aosta Valley near his home in Torino, Italy.
Breuil-Cervinia is located in Italy's Aosta Valley, a two and a half hour drive from Milan.