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a sensory receptor that responds to pressure

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As shown in Figure 5, we found that hSOD1 overexpressing mice showed significantly increased aortic baroreceptor activation slope and gain compared to C57 controls.
SOD1 may directly affect the mechanosensory properties of the aortic baroreceptor terminals by altering the expression or activity of critical ion channels in the baroreceptor terminals.
Since our data indicate that hSOD1 overexpression did not cause dysfunction of MAP, HR, and BRS but may increase aortic baroreceptor nerve function, we suggest that this model can be potentially used to study whether increased expression of hSOD1 protects against disease (such as chronic intermittent hypoxia and diabetes-) induced impairment of baroreflex sensitivity, vagal motor neuron death in the nucleus ambiguus, and degeneration of vagal afferent and efferent axons in the aortic arch and cardiac ganglion shown in the previous studies [51, 52, 55, 84-86].
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