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Celtic god of love and beauty

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I'm delighted to welcome Donal, Aonghus and Jimmy to the setup," said Fitzgerald.
Aonghus, 35, a hairdresser, said: "I nipped back into our room one day and caught the maid with her mop stuck down the toilet.
Aonghus O Dalaigh's response to the same sight in "His body I see without a head," is subtly different.
His solicitor Aonghus McCarthy said his client, who celebrated his 21st birthday behind bars at Limerick Prison last Sunday, "is not a criminal in the true sense of the word".
The TG4 programme on McAnally - who died in 1989 aged just 63 - will be presented by his son RTE producer Aonghus McAnally.
He defeated Brian Moffatt (Norfolk) 255-65, with breaks of 75, 59 and 53, before defeating Irish TV host Aonghus McAnally 282-125.
Reynolds' thoroughly capable assistant Aonghus Ryan is a Tartan Bearer man, but he whispers it softly while Alannah Gilbert is in earshot.
All For A Kiss from Cheltenham's Aonghus Hoole (correct) was a sultry duet to Stravinsky's piano miniature Tango, while Samara Downs' Ebony Concerto was a fluid, jazzy number to the composer's take on big band.
Teenage girls to grannies are diving for their armchairs to watch the Connemara-based show just for a glimpse of sexy new pin-ups Aonghus Og McNally and Stephen Darcy.
The performances are strong - particularly from Aonghus Weber, who bewitches as the hapless Christy, and Muireann Kelly, as the feisty object of his affections.
Simpson, "The personal letters of Janes VI: a short commentary"; Aonghus Mackechnie, "James VI's architects and their architecture"; Alan R.
com Chief Executive Officer: Mr Aonghus Geraghty Chief Financial Officer: Mr Tom Cullen Investor Relations Contact: Mr Cormac Shaw Business number: +353 1 284 3233 E-mail address: (optional) info@cardbase.
ON paper Westmeath-Wexford is probably the most straightforward of all matches this weekend, but Lake captain Aonghus Clarke insists that they can cause a shock.
Colm, whose brother is Sinn Fein Dublin south-central TD Aonghus O Snodaigh, splits his time between his homes in London and Dublin, where he is still heavily involved with the band.