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Synonyms for Angus

Celtic god of love and beauty

black hornless breed from Scotland

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and mentions or quotes writers from other languages such as Aonghas Macneacail (Scots Gallic), Tchicaya U Tam'si (Africa), Peire Gimferer (Occitania) when illustrating his reflections.
To enjoy English translations from the Scottish Gaelic of poets like Whyte, Campbell, and Aonghas MacNeacail.
Aonghas Briannan MacNeill ann an Gaidhlig na h-Alba agus Gaeilge, leis gur ann a Eirinn a tha a mhathair.
Skye-born Gaelic poet Aonghas Dubh MacNeacail branded the change "daft".
Aonghas MacCoinnich offers a historian's detailed account, in Gaelic, of commercial iron-working in Ross-shire in the period c.
You've got Robert Bruce, Edward Bruce, Thomas Randolph the Earl of Moray, James Douglas his great commander, Walter Stewart, who was only 18, and Aonghas Og MacDonald, the Lord of the Isles.
Parents Aonghas and Gerda discuss their different hopes and fears for the future.