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Synonyms for Angus

Celtic god of love and beauty

black hornless breed from Scotland

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15) Steve Boardman, The Campbells, 1215-1513 (Edinburgh, 2006); Martin MacGregor, "A Political History of the MacGregors before 1571" (PhD thesis, University of Aberdeen, 1989); Aonghas MacCoinnich, '" Kingis rabellis' to 'Cuidich 'n Righ'?
Age 6 and younger - 1, Nadine Ghandour; 2, Niamh Houston; 3 (tie), Ali Ghandour and Aonghas Houston.
Mairi, whose four-year-old son Aonghas was born fit and healthy, added: "At first we felt robbed and cheated when we were told Duncan was ill.
and mentions or quotes writers from other languages such as Aonghas Macneacail (Scots Gallic), Tchicaya U Tam'si (Africa), Peire Gimferer (Occitania) when illustrating his reflections.
Aonghas Briannan MacNeill ann an Gaidhlig na h-Alba agus Gaeilge, leis gur ann a Eirinn a tha a mhathair.