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a town of central Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea

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Anniversaries: 1771: The Falkland Islands were ceded to Britain by Spain; 1901: Death of Queen Victoria; 1924: Ramsay MacDonald, the first Labour prime minister, took office; 1927: The first broadcast of a football match took place when Arsenal played Sh effield United at Highbury, London; 1944: Allied landings in Anzio, Italy, began; 1972: The United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark joined the Common Market; 1983: Anne Winter became British Rail's first woman engine driver.
Anzio, Italy, where the unit garnered 17 confirmed kills and six damaged aircraft against German and Italian forces.
As an infantryman at Anzio, Italy, during the Second World War, I remember the occasional German would venture into our lines to trade bottles of cognac for tins of Spam.
It's nice to see that people still care, that they are willing to come out and remember the men and women who have died for our country,'' said Maureen Agnos, 72, of Culver City, whose brother died at Anzio, Italy, in World War II.
Allied troops landed at Anzio, Italy, in a move to outflank the German defensive positions on the Gustav line across central Italy.
The next expansion of MEWSG is called Phase III and is a land-based mobile communications jamming and deception facility which will be based at Anzio, Italy, and will be operational in 1993.
He was wounded in a battle at Anzio, Italy, in February 1944.
Ed Reep stepped onto the beachhead at Anzio, Italy, in late January 1944 toting his own kind of war equipment: art paper, sable-hair brushes, and paints.
He was a veteran of World War II serving in the Army infantry in the European African Middle Eastern Theater including the 1944 invasion of Anzio, Italy.
Sidney Pugh and Hughie Morgan were captured by the Germans at a beach-head in Anzio, Italy, and made POWs.