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the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel

the choice of actors to play particular roles in a play or movie

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CA Registry, Webnames Anycast DNS network includes 12 high capacity nodes worldwide, plus an additional 8 nodes running across Canada to facilitate rapid DNS resolution of a domain name across the globe.
The anycast mechanism is used to send the RTS burst, where more than one node in the forwarding set may try to reply to the same RTS, and the one closest to the destination should be elected to receive the data packet.
The auditorium was equipped with two Sony projectors, IP cameras on the ceiling, and a camcorder which were controlled by Anycast Touch.
In addition to larger IPv6 address space and a direct support of multicast and anycast, QoS support, direct security support, fast routing and auto-configuration are interesting for the Smart Grids.
com network and control panel offer industrial strength external DNS on a distributed IP anycast network.
In anycast, there is also a one-to-many association between network addresses and network endpoints: each destination address identifies a set of receiver endpoints, but only one of them is chosen at any given time to receive information from any given sender,
A new type of address called a "anycast address" is defined, to identify sets of nodes where a packet sent to an anycast address is delivered to one of the nodes.
As a result, it quickly becomes a question whether a company will be able to get the same value from their own internal DNS servers or get more value from a widely dispersed - ideally Anycast - and mature feature set like the one Dyn offers.
NAGRA NOCS3 and anyCAST CONNECT converged CAS/DRM client are now directly integrated into MStar chipsets and the MStar Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).
Our value proposition--especially for pay-TVservice providers--is to deploy a SINGLE content protection solution (NAGRA anyCAST CONNECT) for ALL their content protection needs, whether it be delivering services to a set-top box (cable/satellite/terrestrial/IPTV/OTT/ Netflix or any combination of these) or to any other consumer device.
Tenders are invited for Sony Anycast Touch Live Content Producer.
This paper not discussed all existing DNS technologies such as domain name process, life cycle, registry and registrar system, EPP, DNSSEC, ENUM, IDN, ANYCAST, NGN, DRPIPv4, IPv6 and etc.
The latest products from Sony including the new VPL-SW525C interactive projectors and Anycast Touch were the highlights of the show.
However, because many root servers actually implement anycast, where many different computers can share the same IP address to deliver a single service over a large geographic region, most of the physical (rather than nominal) root servers now operate outside the USA.