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object formed by a mold

the act of creating something by casting it in a mold

the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel

the choice of actors to play particular roles in a play or movie

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Psychz is Now Offering Complimentary Anycast and Distributed DDoS Protection for their Clients in these Two Major Cities
NOCS is used both by NAGRA's conditional access system (NAGRA anyCAST) and NAGRA's digital right management system (NAGRA anyCAST PRM) to provide an underlying "hardware root-of-trust" that underpins the security of these solutions.
Internap's global anycast ensures that website visitors get directed to the closest name server, thereby improving DNS performance and uptime.
Available standard to all Ion customers, Fast DNS offers improved performance - along with Akamai's renowned scalability and reliability - for primary or secondary name resolution with an all Anycast infrastructure.
Route leverages EdgeCast's massive global IP Anycast network, with points of presence in most major metros across four continents, and with high-performance proximity to almost every broadband user in the world.
Other Afilias TLD registry services include a "thick" EPP registry, a globally diverse and redundant Anycast DNS network, and 24x7 call-center and technical support.
999% service reliability provided by Aspira's DNS Anycast network
Additionally, the devices leverage Infoblox DNS Anycast, which maintains that DNS service is highly available.
GA Registry uses a global AnyCast Cloud, with local nodes in Libreville and in several other countries, to ensure excellent performance and continuous uptime of all domains worldwide.
Leading Swedish Web host now has access to Afilias Anycast DNS Network and 100% reliability
With 25 global POPs and customers in over 100 countries ranging from the Fortune 500 and government agencies to Internet pioneers and rock stars; easyDNS is an ICANN accredited registrar and an anycast deployed managed DNS provider based in Toronto Canada since 1998.
Through Go Daddy's global Anycast (DNS routing) network, Premium DNS offers faster, more reliable and more secure DNS resolution.
Afilias' suite of new TLD services features a "thick" EPP registry, a globally diverse and redundant Anycast DNS network, immediate global distribution channel access, 24x7 call-center and technical support, as well as sales and bid consultation.
Afilias' Global Registry Services are available to registrars under a white-labeled service and include: full thick EPP registry, WHOIS, a globally diverse and redundant Anycast DNS network, zone file publication, registrar accreditation services, 24/7 call-center and technical support, Web-based administrative tools, as well as sales and bid consultation services.
Afilias' globally-distributed anycast network utilizes multiple DNS meshes to ensure that Proteus Cloud Services provides customers with a highly-reliable, easily-scalable and extremely-secure external DNS service.