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The pharmacological mechanism of kava pyrone anxiolysis is not yet known.
Immediate premedication with 2 mg of IV midazolam before propofol infusion is known to produce increased sedation' amnesia' and anxiolysis.
10-14,20,23] TEA with ropivacaine and dexmedetomidine improves the quality of block, increases the duration of block while decreasing the latency period, imparts better anxiolysis, sedation and analgesia minimises the requirement of analgesic and sedative supplement during axillary node clearance.
Many paediatric anaesthetists have learned through experience how to optimise therapeutic responses, but find it difficult to identify and teach exactly what it is that allows them to achieve anxiolysis, cooperation or even analgesia and antiemesis.
The different modalities adopted to achieve anxiolysis and sedation in Paediatric anaesthesia involve pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches.
In our institution we have used antenatal training in self-hypnosis for over three years as a tool to provide relaxation, anxiolysis and analgesia for women in labour.
Anxiolysis (Emotional state): Emotional state of the children were observed during separation from their parents and at the time of venepuncture by using a 4point scale.
Dexmedetomidine is a highly selective [alpha]-2 adrenergic receptor agonist which when used in recommended dose in the form of an infusion has several desirable properties like sedation, anxiolysis, sympatholysis, analgesia, stimulation of uterine contractions, decreased intraoperative anaesthetic requirements (Narcotic, inhalational), cardiovascular stability, smooth recovery when used as an adjunct to general anaesthesia and above all preserves respiratory function.
For preoperative sedation and anxiolysis, midazolam (Benzodiazepine) is used Intramuscular since decades.
Satisfactory anxiolysis was considered for score more than or equal to 3; (5) The sedation and anxiolysis score to be recorded every 15 minutes till 60 minutes after administration.
6) Some of well documented beneficial effects of dexmedetomidine are anxiolysis, sedation, analgesia and sympatholysis with minimal respiratory depression.
Sedation, anxiolysis, patient satisfaction is a valuable tool required during regional anesthesia to make it more convenient for the patient, the anesthetist, and the surgeon.
They produce sedation and anxiolysis by binding to presynaptic alpha-2 receptors in locus ceruleus.
The beneficial effect of [alpha]2-agonist drugs are many and include reliable sedation, analgesia, muscle relaxation and anxiolysis, as well as a decrease in the anesthetic requirements of injectable and inhalant agents (anesthetic sparing) (Sinclair, 2003).