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Synonyms for anvil

a heavy block of iron or steel on which hot metals are shaped by hammering

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the ossicle between the malleus and the stapes

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There's the stuff, flinging the pouch upon the anvil.
He threw tough copper into the fire, and tin, with silver and gold; he set his great anvil on its block, and with one hand grasped his mighty hammer while he took the tongs in the other.
Some weak framed blacksmith, perhaps, whose delicacy of muscle might have suited a tailor's shopboard better than the anvil.
Among several persons collected about the doorsteps, the most remarkable was a sturdy mountaineer, of six feet two and corresponding bulk, with a heavy set of features, such as might be moulded on his own blacksmith's anvil, but yet indicative of mother wit and rough humor.
It becomes our disagreeable duty to record here, that the acts of Benjamin now became violent; for he darted his sledge-hammer violently on the anvil of Mr.
Punching out the little two- or three-petal sheet metal anvils is not so bad, but precisely assembling them into similarly small, explosive-charged primer cups without mishap was probably a tough manufacturing hurdle in the beginning.
A book for both PR practitioners and students, Winning the Anvils explains the true worth of the Anvil Awards and shares Carlos' ways of winning them, because if anyone knows how to truly bag an Anvil, it's him.
were honored with one Silver and two Gold Anvils, one of the most coveted awards in the public relations industry.
Looking around the world, most regions have developed unique anvils, forges and hammers, but they all use the same techniques.
A more economical option is an anvil ring that features a series of heavy-duty, 28 percent chrome white-iron stationary anvils.
Public relations firm MWW said it received three awards at the 2012 PRSA Silver Anvil Awards, presented June 7, for "Flight Plan for the Future: JetBlue Preserves Its Direct Relationship with Pilots," including two Silver Anvils for crisis communications and internal communications.
Many such anvils were around for the monkeys to choose.
After months of uncertainty it has been confirmed they will join forces with Orrell Anvils and move from Edge Hall Road to play their home games at St John Rigby College.
The new cell includes dedicated anvils, which easily slide in and out of place, for each door design.
Other anvils include inter-changeable blade anvils in widths of 0.