cumulonimbus cloud

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a dark cloud of great vertical extent charged with electricity

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Overshoot--A cauliflower-like raised area extending above the top of an anvil cloud. This is often related to updraft strength, so it is associated with storm severity, especially if the tops are crisp.
Overshooting tops (OTs) that occur with strong convection and vigorous updrafts are composed of a small region of very cold IR BTs that are surrounded by a warmer cirrus anvil cloud. OTs occur because they continue to cool at a rate of 7-9 K [km.sup.-1] after they penetrate through the level of neutral buoyancy, making them much colder than the adjacent anvil cloud, which resides somewhere between the level of neutral buoyancy and the tropopause (Adler and Mack 1986; Wang 2007).
Similarly, the highest frequencies of radar reflectivity occur in bins between -25 and -5 dBZ at heights between 7 and 12 km; these frequencies correspond to the long-lasting anvil clouds seen after 0600 UTC in Fig.
"The primary weather concerns for Saturday's launch are anvil clouds, cumulus clouds and flight through precipitation," the ( forecast announcement on NASA's website said.