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a busy port and financial center in northern Belgium on the Scheldt river

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Leaving Anvers in November 1855, they arrived at New Orleans on December 12 and Galveston shortly afterwards.
Marion); and Institute for Tropical Medicine, Anvers, Belgium (F.
Aspects of the ecology of Kelp Gulls (Larus dominicanus) on Anvers Island, Antarctic Peninsula.
Documents sur le commerce international a Anvers (Paris, 1963), II, 102; O.
That the proud patron sought primarily to allude to the famous former owner who had masterminded the extension of the house is also obvious from the inscription on the engraving, Maison Hilwerue a Anvers dit l'hostel Rubens (Hilwerue [Hillewerve] House at Antwerp, called Rubens's Town House).
Kenny's career has seen him play across the globe, including Belgium, New York, Portugal, Paris, Australia, Chicago, Spain, San Francisco, and Southern Asia, and has held residencies at New York's Centro Fly outlet, at London's Plastic People and Cafe D' Anvers in Belgium.
Also exhibited are an installation commissioned for the show, Femmes d' Anvers en novembre (Women of Antwerp in November), 2007, and two other nonfiction videos, Sud (South), 1999, and La-bas (Down There), 2006.
The Scot Isles, which had been heading for Anvers in Belgium, sailed into Dunkirk under its own power, escorted by a tug boat and a customs launch.
One week later, British Law Enforcement in Tilbury Harbor, Liverpool, England, was able to track the silent LoJack signal to a cargo ship that was arriving from Anvers, Belgium.
The cocaine was hidden on a ship loaded with coffee that originated from Anvers, Belgium, and had reached Basel over the Rheine River.
Besides, the fervor towards the Olympic ideal expressed during the Olympic Games of Anvers in 1920 (49) functioned as a strong means of support for the FOC which aimed at redefining its role in regards to the NSC.
In French surnames beginning with a vowel, however, this de often coalesced with the place-name, as is the case with Disney (from Isigny--Calvados in northern France) or Danvers that derived from French Anvers (Flemish Antwerp).
Pour illustrer ce succes, il suffit de signaler l'edition bruxelloise de 1792 destinee au public de Belgique et de Hollande et distribuee a Anvers, Gand, Courtrai, Bruges, Ypres, Mons, Liege, Lille, Amsterdam, la Haye, etc.
Dignitaries and those interested in setting up pubic libraries and reading rooms in other regions such as Messines, Frameries, Mons, and Anvers often visited the library or contacted the staff for advice.
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