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Low amphibian numbers in mixed pine-hardwood and upland pine were probably the result of low moisture levels in those areas and in the case of the more aquatic ranid anurans distance to permanent water was probably a factor.
Although information is available on the ecology of these two anurans (Bragg 1965b; Wasserman 1968), little is known about their parasites (Rodgers 1941; Brooks 1976).
These results, however, also indicate that most anuran species continue to persist.
Twenty-eight treefrogs (31%) were found to harbor 590 helminths (X = 21 [+ or -] 42 SD per infected treefrog), of which 469 (79%) were larvae of species not capable of completing their life cycles in anurans.
All anurans were heard during the call surveys and encountered during spring and summer months near the wetlands.
An estimated 5009 animals were recorded representing 44 species, including 5 salamanders, 13 anurans, 8 turtles, 7 lizards, and 11 snakes.
Prey Type Dogtown Friendship Liberty Grove Mammals < 50 g 5 34 14 Mammals < 50 g 14 65 103 Anurans 42 10 1 Total 61 109 118
We will first explore how a key and environment-dependent behavioural trait in amphibian anurans (i.
Alcala [27] reported that most Philippine anurans live in habitats where the relative humidity is always at or near saturation.
tetrathyridia (Cestoidea: Cyclophyllidea) in North American anurans (Amphibia).
The senior author, in conjunction with Michael Kerr, had extensively surveyed the anurans of this area dating back to 1973, and no H.
While many causative factors have been implicated in declines of anurans in California, none are able to adequately account for population declines in backcountry areas removed from predominating anthropogenic impacts, except disease.
The BioBlitz detected 71-87% of species, except for anurans (38%), which were best detected during call surveys during the traditional survey.