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A comparative study of endoparasites in three species of sympatric Bufo (Anura: Bufonidae), from Texas.
(2017) Battle of giants: Predation on giant tadpole of Pseudis platensis (Anura: Hylidae) by a giant water bug (Hemiptera: Belostomatidae).
A new species of Proteocephalus (Cestoda: Proteocephalidae), description of the male of Desmognathinemapapuensis (Nematoda: Quimperiidae), and other endoparasites in Sylvirana supragrisea (Anura:Ranidae) from Papua New Guinea.
Sri Lankan Ambassador Anura Mudiyanselage Rajakuruna hailed the warm hospitality, expressing keenness on promoting bilateral relations, especially after the opening of his country's embassy in Bahrain last month.
& SENARIS, C., 2012.--Vocalizacion y biologia reproductiva de las ranas de cristal Hyalinobatrachium pallidum y Centrolene daidaleum (Anura, Centrolenidae) en la sierra de Perija, Venezuela.
Variacion geografica en el canto de advertencia de Hypsiboas pulchellus (Anura, Hylidae) en Argentina.
Details can be had by calling Ranjith Gurusinghe (66580392), Dhammika Jayasena (55654241) or Anura Hettigoda (55967017).
The area was abandoned for so many years because of the terrorist problem, but it has tremendous potential," said Anura Lokuhetty, president of Tourist Hotels Association of Sri Lanka.
Lynne Alderson, director of health and beauty programmes for the college praised the class, saying: "This is a great programme to develop self confidence and relaxation." Assistant principal for community inclusion Anura Rodrigo told the Gazette the college wants to involve the whole community in learning.
Anura Bandaranaike, Kumaratunga's younger brother, remains in politics and was foreign minister in the Cabinet that went out of office with his sister.
Anura Tennekoon, chief executive of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka, said: 'We received a letter this morning.
Judge Anura Cooray's decision is the first of its kind since the 17th century.
Judge Anura Cooray has been involved in controversy before.