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any of a group of powerful Babylonian earth spirits or genii


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Concluding with an examination of Sitchin's prediction of a nuclear event on Earth in 2024 AD, Professor Evans shows how we would be repeating the aggressive warlike behaviors of our Anunnaki creators, who may very well become our saviors when Nibiru next returns to our solar system.
Critique: A seminal study and deftly constructed study that will prove to be of exceptional and enduring interest to dedicated Metaphysical Studies students in general, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in Zecharia Sitchin's work on the legacy of the Anunnaki in particular.
Anunnaki, according to Sitchin, literally means "those who from heaven came to Earth.
The Sumerian (Babylonian) texts indicate that the Anunnaki came to Earth from the planet Nibiru about 445,000 years ago, according to Sitchin.
Thus, Icke imagines that the Anunnaki interbred with another alien race to produce earthling slave masters.
Icke's worldview, the reptilian Anunnaki are shape-shifters who have taken on human form and occupy the top positions of power in politics, business, finance and religion worldwide.
Other clients have included Fey Entertainment, Anunnaki Entertainment and Lakewood Amphitheater.
When he was six, Johnny's parents gave their lives to defeat the Anunnaki and free Earth.
The ancient Nephilim Portal and the mysterious Anunnaki Key cast a shadow over humanity's future.
GUB = manzaz before Anunnaki, malku, kubu, and etemmu is curious.
with special features), an in-depth examination of the cultural imprint that the Anunnaki may have left behind, and much more.
Entre ellos hay jerarquias, por ejemplo los anunnaki, destinados a permanecer en nuestro planeta, no podian regresar al cielo, siete de ellos son enviados al inframundo para juzgar a los muertos.
com)-- After years of careful research, Alex Teplish has released his controversial graphic novel entitled, "In The Beginning: The Epic Of The Anunnaki.
Slave Species of the Gods: The Secret History of the Anunnaki and Their Mission on Earth is for any new age collection strong in ancient mysteries and early civilizations and here tells of the arrival of the Anunnaki over 200,000 years ago.
47, where the Anunnaki are said to have "raised its head (ullu resisu) toward Apsu" (S.