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Antropology of food: From local food to localised food.
Antropology of policy: critical perspectives on governance and power.
2001) Usos y funciones de la musica en The Antropology of music.
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Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 COMMUNICATION 34% 72% 79% BUSINESS 12% 12% 16% 21% PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL 6% LINGUISTICS 8% 3% PSYCHOLOGY, MULTIDISCIPLINARY 10% 5% 3% INFORMATION SCIENCE & LIBRARY SCIENCE 9% LINGUISTICS 10% 8% MANAGEMENT 10% 5% POLITICAL SCIENCE 11% 5% SOCIOLOGY 8% 5% ANTROPOLOGY 4% PSYCHOLOLOGY, DEVELOPMENTAL 4% ECONOMICS 13% EDUCATION & EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH 11% PSYCHOLOGY, CLINICAL 9% PSYCHOLOGY, EXPERIMENTAL 7% Grafico 7: Porcentaje de revistas de <<Education>> respecto al numero total de revistas en Q1, segun factor de impacto en <<Communication>>.
The antropology of food and body: gender, meaning and power.
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We apologize to our readers and the antropology Javier Andres Sandoval Andrade because in the Vol 15 Issue 2 year 2011 in the Earth Science Research Journal (ESRJ) published the article entitled "Quaternary dating by electron spin resonance (ESR) applied to human tooth enamel" which there is an incorrect footnote in the Figure 1 as it is not quoted from (Groot, 1992), but it is taken from the undergraduate thesis entitled DATACION DE RESTOS HUMANOS PREHISPANICOS A TRAVES DE ESMALTE DENTAL USANDO RESONANCIA PARAMAGNETICA ELECTRONICA (EPR) (2010).
Visual Antropology in Latin America Dossiers Introduction
That Event, This Memory: Notes on the Antropology of African Diasporas in he New World".