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Czech composer who combined folk elements with traditional forms (1841-1904)

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What is nice is to meet new people," Antonin confided, adding, "to know new places.
Antonin has lost count of the number of shows of this kind that he has done; he has put together such shows in 20 different countries.
Although the policy views of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia mark him as a conservative in today's terminology, Staab (political science, Central Missouri State U.
In the spirit of Antonin Artaud, Dada, Fluxus, and sound poetry, Migone playfully and insightfully explores the sonics of bodily orifices and surfaces.
Contributing Editor Cathy Young calls out conservative Justice Antonin Scalia as a judicial activist (page 22), and former heroin addict Maia Szalavitz contributes a stirring "defense of happy pills" such as Prozac and Zoloft (page 48).
Rights groups fear that Bush will make good on his promise to appoint judges to the Supreme Court who are ideologically in step with right-wing justices Antonin Scalia and Thomas.
I am confident that President Bush will name a replacement for Justice O'Connor who has the same judicial philosophy as Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas' ~ Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council
And you have Mel Gibson, Antonin Scalia, and now Pope Benedict XVI, who cloak the Catholic Church in the most confining garbs.
Dissenting Justice Antonin Scalia argued that there is no clear trend of declining juvenile executions to justify a growing consensus against the practice.
The biggest success of their careers for Sue Bramall and her 5lb-claiming stable jockey John Burke as Antonin runs away with the three-and-a-quarter-mile chase at Newbury.
In an unusually pointed dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia condemned the majority decision for eviscerating the habeas corpus guarantee, which prevents the government from indefinitely imprisoning individuals without formal criminal charges or legal recourse.
Circuit in 1995-6 and for Justice Antonin Scalia of the U.
They have been married for six years and are planning their dream house with their friend and eminent architect Antonin, yet all is not well.
Speaking at the University of Chicago conference, both United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating took issue with the Catholic Church's current official teaching on the death penalty.