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Russian dramatist whose plays are concerned with the difficulty of communication between people (1860-1904)

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In addition, BBC's Catalogue also constitutes a vast array of Classic Dramas, Thrillers and Comedies- from Shakespeare's Dramas to key works of Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Anton Chekov, George Eliot, classic Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple's mysteries, classic comedies like Yes Minister and Fawlty Towers and acclaimed natural history programs like Planet Earth and Life.
She also shares a letter that Anton Chekov wrote to his brother on how cultured people should behave to earn their "cultured" status.
Try as I might I couldn't make much of a connection between the pub and Anton Chekov's play of the same name.
The memoir offers a searing study of her parents' emotional destructiveness that resembles a story by Anton Chekov. It's a cold, repelling account of a family where neither the parents nor the children have any idea how to love or understand each other.
I'm thinking here, especially, of Anton Chekov's long novella-ish short story "The Black Monk" and Dostoyevsky's Notes from Underground.
The Seagull by Anton Chekov playing Konstantin (left).
And while she might not have penned her latest role as a grief-stricken widow (a genuine one this time) in Anton Chekov's play The Bear, the famously miserable Russian writer's style proved to be right up her street.
Directing his second adaptation in as many years (his third feature, "Anton Chekov's The Duel," is playing U.S.
Running from October to November, this version of Anton Chekov's drama is directed by The Rep's Artistic Director, Rachel Kavanaugh.
This time he gets to keep his clothes on - instead it's his emotions that will be on show in a double-header - Anton Chekov's Swansong, followed by Terence Rattingan's The Browning Version - in Mold, September 14-19.
Q Can you confirm that I listened to a radio series about the life of Anton Chekov? Michael Munro, Paisley
Their past productions have included classics such as The Seagull by Anton Chekov and Shakespeare, as well as new plays and devised works.
ONE CAN READ many reviews praising the British writer Rachel Cusk for her similarity to such literary greats as Anton Chekov and Virginia Woolf.
O'Brien, after he had eventually finished debriefing his other seven riders - Wayne Lordan on the fifth home Soldier Of Fortune, Colm O'Donoghue (Yellowstone, eighth), Fran Berry (Acapulco, ninth), Seamus Heffernan (Admi-ralofthefleet, tenth), Pat Smullen (Mahler, 11th), Declan McDonogh (Anton Chekov, 12th) and Mick Kinane, who finished last of the 17 on 13-2 third-favourite Archipenko - agreed that the Curragh on July 1 is where Eagle Mountain is likely to be seen next.