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Some studies have shown that using antiviral agents, specifically tenofovir, to suppress HBV DNA in pregnant women with active disease in the third trimester can prevent vertical transmission when combined with standard of care.
After a discussion of current therapies of AIDS/HIV and their limitations, new strategies in development of antiviral agents are described.
Now that we have newer antiviral agents, maybe we need more larger studies done in a prospective fashion to see whether one is better than the other," he commented.
On their own, the governments of a few countries that do not produce influenza vaccines or antiviral agents have purchased supplies of oseltamivir, but their stockpiles are sufficient to treat only 1% of their combined populations (D.
Medicinal plant extracts and essential oils are increasingly of interest as antimicrobial and antiviral agents and have been widely used in traditional medicine.
Physicians were delighted when adamantanes became available as antiviral agents.
Vaccination, antiviral agents, barrier protection procedures should be included.
I read with great interest the report on the link between use of antiviral agents and development of cognitive impairment ("HIV Drugs Change Cognitive Impairment Risk," May 2004, p.
Human milk has over 300 ingredients, including interferon, white blood cells, antibacterial and antiviral agents, while formula has only forty ingredients.
A recent issue of Antiviral Agents Bulletin highlighted the R&D efforts on the calanolides underway at Sarawak MediChem Pharmaceuticals.
Demand for biotechnology antiviral agents will rise 13 percent annually to $8.
To date, there is no reputable clinical evidence that antiviral agents, particularly in an oral form, can influence the disease course of MS.
The potential of having access to a new class of antiviral agents that can be used in the prevention of both influenza A and B is very exciting," says Linda C.
Physicians learned too slowly that the antiviral agents are less effective in special populations.