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Muotri and other groups of investigators, but it is also already a Food and Drug Administration-approved antiviral agent with a relatively reassuring Category B rating for use in pregnancy, meaning no evidence of teratogenicity in animal studies.
Further studies are important because there are tangible downstream risks to using antiviral agents during pregnancy.
After a discussion of current therapies of AIDS/HIV and their limitations, new strategies in development of antiviral agents are described.
Effectiveness of antiviral agents for the prevention of recurrent herpes labialis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Different concentrations of antiviral agents to be tested along with plant part used to prepare the extract.
Influenza's ability to resist the effects of cheap and popular antiviral agents in Asia and Russia could give the U.
Our current top-down approach will not provide these countries with adequate supplies of vaccines and antiviral agents.
They also claim Alzheimer's disease could be treated by antiviral agents already used to treat cold sores and herpes virus-caused conditions.
Subjects are grouped by either specific classes of therapeutic agent, such as antiviral agents, or by a pharmacologic concept, such as reactions to pharmacologic agents.
Extracts and essential oils of medicinal plants are increasingly of interest as novel drugs of antimicrobial and antiviral agents, since herpes simplex virus (HSV) might develop resistance to commonly used antiviral agents.
A role for HSV-1 in AD points to the use of antiviral agents as a treatment for the symptoms of the disease," he suggested.
The risk may be reduced by taking oral antiviral agents such as aciclovir within 72 hours of development of the rash.
Peramivir is part of a new class of antiviral agents that inhibit influenza viral neuraminidase, an enzyme essential for the influenza virus to spread and infect its hosts.
Just as antibiotics revolutionized medical care by providing us weapons to use against bacteria, antiviral agents have offered us some tools to use against viruses.
Viral resistance has been much less of a problem with the two oral antiviral agents approved since lamivudine.