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a town of central Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea

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Suetonius tells this legend so that it foreshadows his histrionics and madness: "Nero was born in Antium, nine months after the death of Tiberius, eighteen days before the calends of January, in the rising sun, whose rays brightened him before touching earth.
When the Romans extended their reach beyond Italy, the Capuans and then the people of Antium sent for Roman praetors to resolve their differences.
The emperor was at his summer home in Antium and did not return to he city until he heard that the fire was getting close to one of his houses in town.
Wherefore they got them out of Rome, and kept at the first in the city of Antium, hoping to returne againe to Rome, when the furie of the people were a litle asswaged.
When Coriolanus arrived in Antium in his "mean apparel," he resembled the humble but powerful stranger seen so often in martial arts films.
Revealing himself in the Voiscian city, Antium, to his adversary, Aufidius, the exiled protagonist announces,
Coriolanus now appears in Antium like one of the plebeians he has denounced, 'in mean apparel, disguised and muffled' (IV.
This time it is Catullus who does the reading, taking up Sestius' Oratio in Antium, a wretched work (Cicero privately disliked Sestius' style(80)) which (humorously) inflicts an illness upon our poet.
Sortilege at the oracular shrines of Praeneste, Caere, Falerii, and Antium demonstrates clearly the wide acceptance that the notion of a connection between the gods and the lots had gained in the religious milieu of central Italy by the middle Republic.
Even when hostilities have ceased and his great enemy has retired to Antium he longs for yet another self-defining confrontation: ~I wish I had a cause to seek him there | To oppose his hatred fully' (III.
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