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law intended to promote free competition in the market place by outlawing monopolies

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The Guidance makes clear that workers are entitled to the benefit of competition for their services; therefore, agreements among employers to fix wages or other terms of employment, and agreements not to recruit each other's employees (so-called "no poaching" agreements), are both likely to be considered per se illegal under the antitrust laws (specifically, Section 1 of the Sherman Act).
Antitrust laws have historically been associated with countries that possess a free-market capitalist economy, which is understood as an economic system in which competition and the market forces of demand and supply determine economic outcomes.
With a twentieth century legal framework and loosened antitrust laws, he argues that the meatpackers have gained control of the supply chain in the beef industry.
3) The rule seemed clear: regulated industries were subject to the antitrust laws.
Given the lack of clarity in antitrust law and the fact that what is and is not permissible has changed over time, franchisors should implement best practices that minimize the chance that their pricing policy will run afoul of antitrust laws.
However the NFLPA no longer has to worry about a scenario where labor law only applies, as the High Court sent the NFL a resounding message that antitrust laws apply to football.
The Second Circuit viewed the three-year rule as a mandatory subject of collective bargaining and rejected the argument that antitrust law should permit a player to circumvent the bargaining scheme established by federal labor law.
It gave Justice the power to request wiretaps if it suspects that executives are violating the antitrust laws.
Further, according to most experts, courts are more likely to find joint trending a violation of federal antitrust laws than the joint collection of historical data.
Although the ruling does not make a finding that the grocers violated the antitrust laws, it does allow Lockyer's lawsuit to proceed.
Antitrust laws impact both large and small companies and involve virtually every aspect of manufacturing, marketing, distribution and pricing.
To examine whether the need exists to modernize the antitrust laws and to identify and study related issues;
1) They have noted the potentially large costs of divergent national antitrust laws applied globally.
Linking credit to any other bank product--you must buy this (cash management services) to get that (credit)--is known as a "tying" arrangement, and is illegal under general antitrust laws, the Sherman and Clayton Acts and the Bank Holding Company Act Amendments of 1970 (BHCA).
After Posner establishes that the only goal of antitrust should be to promote efficiency in an economic sense, he provides a brief overview of the antitrust laws.