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a drug used to relieve or prevent spasms (especially of the smooth muscles)

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The antispasmodic and analgesic effects of SGT have been observed clinically on directly applying SGT to the region of colon spasm during colonoscopy (Ai et al.
Keywords: Plantago lanceolata; Antispasmodic effect; Ileum; Trachea
The FODMAP diet, which excludes many fermenting foods, does work for many, as do antispasmodic drugs - even peppermint oil.
Due to its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action on the digestive system it can be helpful in the management of irritable bowel syndrome.
Hyoscyamine Sulfate ER is an antispasmodic medication that has been used to treat various stomach, intestinal, and urinary tract disorders that involve cramps, colic, or other painful muscle contractions.
Buscopan(R) is the leading global over the counter antispasmodic brand that provides reliable relief from the pain and discomfort due to abdominal cramps.
Combining antiinflammatory herbs with antispasmodic and pain-relief herbs can give you a very effective mix.
The principal pharmacodynamic effect of peppermint oil relevant to the gastrointestinal tract is a dose-related antispasmodic effect on the smooth musculature due to the interference of menthol with the movement of calcium across the cell membrane.
An antispasmodic, antimuscarinic agent for the treatment of overactive bladder with symptoms of urge urinary incontinence, urgency, and urinary frequency.
The article reviewed 38 studies involving more than 2,500 volunteers and found three treatments -- peppermint oil, antispasmodic drugs and soluble fiber -- to be effective.
EOAz has shown efficacy as an antispasmodic agent in intestinal (Bezerra et al.
This contains anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic herbs and can be used in conjunction with other treatments.
Drug treatment for patients with diarrheal symptoms usually starts with either an antispasmodic or an antidiarrheal agent; in some cases, the two classes are used together.
Urimax contains an analgesic to relieve pain, antispasmodic to relax spasms and frequency, and an antiseptic to restore comfort.