antisocial personality disorder

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Synonyms for antisocial personality disorder

a personality disorder characterized by amorality and lack of affect

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Family studies indicate that fathers with severe antisocial tendencies have significantly higher lifetime alcohol dependencies and drug abuse or drug dependence diagnoses compared to fathers whose antisocial behavior desisted in adulthood.
A single neurological problem may underlie both childhood ADHD and later antisocial tendencies, or a variety of biological and social influences may shape the troubled behavior of youngsters who then receive a common diagnosis such as ADHD or antisocial or conduct disorder, Hartmann argues.
Here is one movie that does not characterize troubled youth purely in pathological terms; Will and his pals are decent, likable guys whose mildly antisocial tendencies are primarily a means for keeping life interesting.
But, individuals who manifest symptoms of ADHD in childhood and develop antisocial tendencies in adolescence have a significantly higher rate of confrontational contacts with the criminal justice system than do members of the general population.
Perhaps how research has shown that people with a recessive gene in spot 148 in their DNA are carriers of antisocial tendencies and should be sterilized?