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The remaining students gave incorrect answers, writing the complementary base sequences of the antisense strand instead.
The filter for the [DELTA]G (free energy) difference between the 5'-end of the sense strand and the 5'--end of the antisense strand (f-dgd).
Because the entire gene length of the DNA antisense strand is transcribed, exons and introns compose the primary RNA transcript.
Messenger RNA works only as a single strand, but scientists can add a complementary sequence of DNA or RNA to serve as an antisense strand.
Curiously enough, many of these transcripts are sitting in the middle of genes, overlapped on both the sense and antisense strands of coding sequences," says Gingeras.
Ambiguities were resolved by sequencing both sense and antisense strands.
The kit contains up to 10 primers, allowing the investigator to score the SNP on both the sense and antisense strands using the LNA-containing primers.
If both sense and antisense strands are present in a cell, they bind with high affinity to each other to form their own double helix.
Amplified products were column purified to remove unincorporated primers and nucleotides, and sense and antisense strands were sequenced by using nested primers in an automated laser fluorescent sequencer (ALF Express, Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, New Jersey).
It has turned out that most, if not all, of this gene-blocking effect is actually triggered by the double-stranded RNA that researchers inadvertently create when they produce either the sense or antisense strands.
Meanwhile, high manufacturing costs and difficulties in making commercial quantities of antisense strands still hamper thorough studies of these drugs in laboratory animals.