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the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people

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In fact, free elections, in isolation from other changes, might lead to the empowerment of the antisemites.
They consistently compared their opponents to the most heinous of antisemites, both past and present, which effectively served to identify the communists with their fellow Jews as perennial victims of antisemitism.
Many of the scholars who had been ardent antisemites during the Nazi period, and thus at least indirectly legitimated the anti-Jewish policies, continued their academic careers after the war.
Her confusion could not have been dispelled by an attempt to label her friends as antisemites.
Interroge par l'AFP sur les slogans antisemites scandes a l'aeroport, M.
ASHamed Jews" is a wonderful comic invention, on a par with Philip Roth's Antisemites Anonymous in Operation Shylock.
Most of the American university officials whose egregious actions and statements Norwood abundantly cites were social antisemites.
Of course, these scientific discoveries led antisemites to now vilify Jews as "bacilli.
Falk, a professor at Princeton and a member of the national advisory committee of the Middle East Policy Council, is actually getting death threats -- and not from antisemites -- for having narrated a BBC documentary on the 1982 massacres of Palestinians in Lebanon's Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, which Ariel Sharon facilitated.
The demagogic accusation thatJews were exploiters and at the same time subversives, have been used by antisemites often and in many societies.
It is not in defense of Antisemites that I ask: Is it realistic to expect average individuals, heirs of a Western culture and a religious tradition affected with the antisemitic virus, to be entirely free of infection?
In the 1930s, notorious French antisemites like Celine, Drieu la Rochelle, and Georges Montandon regularly denounced the "racist" Jews (Zionism playing only a secondary role in this indictment) as did some Nazi ideologists who claim that the Nuremberg race laws of 1935 were only a pale copy of the biblical legislation of Ezra and Nehemiah against intermarriage with Gentiles.
McCarthy had both Jews and antisemites as associates, thus Weingarten deduces that he was willing to accept almost anyone as long as they served his anti-communist crusade.
But Lenin borrowed from the French insurrectionary Auguste Blanqui, Mussolini from the French rightist Charles Maurras, and antisemites everywhere from the ravings of Drumont.
During the Truman administration, the charge was that the "elitist" State Department Arabists in the 1940s and 1950s were not only anti-Zionists but also antisemites.