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the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people

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The charity Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) has called for Mr Sivier to be deselected by Labour because of statements made by him and after he linked to a notorious antisemite.
In particular, Holub highlights offhanded comments Nietzsche makes about the pervasiveness of Jews in Leipzig when recalling his time with Gersdorff, an outspoken antisemite.
Antisemites who were supportive of the Moczarites published books and articles, which, quite remarkably, transposed the Jewish victims of the Holocaust with their persecutors.
Le plus grand nombre de repondants ayant le plus d'attitudes antisemites se trouve en Afrique du Nord et au Moyen-Orient, a hauteur de 74 pour cent, tandis que pour les Europeens de l'Est, ce taux est de 34 pour cent et de 24 pour cent des Europeens de l'Ouest.
Radical antisemites in both the United States and Germany used strikingly similar rhetoric in attacking the Roosevelt administration during the twelve years of its existence, and their language suggests a rethinking of our understanding of antisemitism in both countries.
Faire passer les opposants a la politique de colonisation, de crimes et d'expansion israeliennes comme des antisemites qui ne sont pas des ennemis de la politique israelienne, mais des gens qui haissent les juifs en tant que tels.
22) These affirmations are not valuable so much for their truth value but for their capacity to generate truth; this capacity was proven by the fact that, throughout the following century, within the cultural frame, antisemites such as A.
English antisemites, the subject of Anthony Julius' luminous and comprehensive history, have been reinforced in their bitter contempt for Jews by having the three pre-eminent authors of their country's literary canon also shine forth as the pre-eminent authors of England's literary antisemitic canon.
Apres avoir dresse une brevebiographie d'Yves Michaud, militant souverainiste convaincu, ancien depute et delegue general du Quebec a Paris, Deschenes tente de retrouver ces propos << antisemites >> qu'il aurait prononces.
What hampered antisemites in their struggle for influence was their politicization of what was regarded as the apolitical world of municipal administration.
Comme le rappelle Marc Angenot, cette dissemination des caracteristiques du Juif, appliquees sans rigueur au non-Juif, est une attitude frequente chez les socialistes antisemites a la fin du 19e siecle.
But then came Simon Epstein's book of 2008, whose title translates as: 'A French Paradox: Antiracists in the Collaboration, Antisemites in the Resistance'.
The media variously claimed that fans had made off with his remains, that local antisemites objected to a Jew's presence in a Christian burial ground or that neo-Nazis had taken revenge for The Great Dictator.
This is in contrast to the antisemitism the first truly Jewish star, Hank Greenberg, faced in his early years in Detroit, which, in the 1930s, was home to two of the most openly virulent antisemites in the United States: Henry Ford and Father Charles Coughlin.
Thus Volkov introduces some of the major themes in Germans, Jews, and AntiSemites.