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the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people

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In an article published on its website, CAA accuses Mr Sivier of "defending far-left antisemites and quoting a far-right holocaust denier".
The first conclusion begs the question, requiring that we consider Nietzsche an antisemite before "decoding" his writings.
Le plus grand nombre de repondants ayant le plus d'attitudes antisemites se trouve en Afrique du Nord et au Moyen-Orient, a hauteur de 74 pour cent, tandis que pour les Europeens de l'Est, ce taux est de 34 pour cent et de 24 pour cent des Europeens de l'Ouest.
Radical antisemites in both the United States and Germany used strikingly similar rhetoric in attacking the Roosevelt administration during the twelve years of its existence, and their language suggests a rethinking of our understanding of antisemitism in both countries.
Playing the score of Eminescu, both Emil Cioran and Mircea Eliade agreed with the notorious antisemite A.
De leur cote, les adversaires de la revision--les antidreyfusards--lancaient une campagne antisemite et xenophobe.
The most popular politician in the country was Arnulfo Arias, an antiSemite who openly sympathized with Hitler during World War II and who, during one of his three abortive presidencies, rewrote the Panamanian constitution to call for the deportation of its entire black population.
One cannot imagine, for example, a book on the Hungarian leader, Matyas Rakosi, with a subtitle "The Rise and Fall of a Jewish Communist" unless it had been written by an anti-Communist antisemite.
The recently concluded London trial may be a part of it, even though the result of the trial should have put many doubts to rest - after all, an impartial court listened to the evidence, weighed the facts, examined the historical record and concluded that the Holocaust denier David Irving was wrong, that he wasn't libeled, that he was, in fact, a racist and an antisemite.
Kershaw is suitably cautious in noting that `In truth, we do not know for certain why, nor even when, Hitler turned into a manic and obsessive antisemite.
Il est antisemite par le lieu ou il a ecrit et edite.
According to the Jewish teaching that both the Nazi and the Jihadist antisemite would obliterate, we are to read the Ten Commandments not from top to bottom but from right to left (in Hebrew): "I am God" means "Thou shalt not murder" (see, for example, the Midrash Mekilta de-Rabbi Ishmael, Bachodesh 8).
beaucoup moins que] Les Francais juifs ne doivent plus avoir peur d'etre juifs [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] les Francais musulmans ne doivent plus avoir honte d'etre musulmans [beaucoup plus grand que], a declare Manuel Valls, lors d'un deplacement a Creteil, temoin il y a 5 mois d'une violente agression antisemite commise sur un couple sequestre a son domicile.
Les coupables seraient de jeunes eleves du Lycee technique du 9 avril qui auraient voulu simplement jouer et non operer un acte antisemite, rapporte la meme source.
Aux legislatives de juin, le parlement grec a connu un renouvellement radical, apres l'effondrement du vieux systeme bipartite socialiste-droite, et l'avenement de partis plus extremes, a gauche comme a droite, dont pour la premiere fois un parti neo-nazi ouvertement raciste, antisemite et xenophobe.