Antirrhinum majus

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perennial native to the Mediterranean but widely cultivated for its purple or pink flowers

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Temperature Shift Coordinately Changes the Activity and the Methylation State of Transposon Tam3 in Antirrhinum majus.
Especies invasoras historicas detectadas: Antirrhinum majus, Centranthus ruber, Crassula lycopodioides, Cyrtomium falcatum.
Antirrhinum majus varieties are normally grown in Britain as half-hardy annuals, sown early with heat, spaced out in trays, gradually hardened off and planted outdoors in May.
Such a model, when compared with those created for Antirrhinum majus and Arabidopsis thaliana, both of which have simple racemes, should provide insight into the evolution of the development of inflorescence architecture.
An appraisal of the use of reciprocal transfer experiments: assessing the stages of photoperiod sensitivity in Antirrhinum majus L.
Nasturtium Ipomea nil Japanese morning glory Tulbaghia violacea Society garlic Antirrhinum majus Snapdragon Rosa sp.
A especie Antirrhinum majus, popularmente conhecida como boca-de-leao, e uma planta herbacea com 60 a 70cm de altura e produz inflorescencia na forma de espiga.
With Antirrhinum majus all sorts are ideal, but 'The Bride' is a stunning intermediate frothy-white form and is the first perfumed snapdragon.
The species from which modern garden varieties has been bred is Antirrhinum majus, originating from the Mediterranean area.
Antirrhinum majus is a model organism for the study of anthocyanin pigment biochemistry, genetics and development in flowers (Stickland and Harrison, 1974; Luo et al.
A rapid Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Antirrhinum majus L.