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a genus of herbs of the family Scrophulariaceae with brightly colored irregular flowers

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Effects of seedling container size and nursing period on the growth, flowering, and yield of cut flowers in snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus L.).
Asimismo son frecuentes en estas comunidades taxones caracteristicos de Phagnalo-Rumicetea, tales como Rumex induratus, Dianthus lusitanus, Antirrhinum graniticum, etc.
The genus Antirrhinum consists of 24 perennial species that are native to the western Mediterranean (SUTTON, 1988; GUEMES, 2009).
Antirrhinum subcordatum is restricted to the eastern foothills of the Coastal Range in the Sacramento valley, whereas A.
You could go still further and add Antirrhinum "Tequila Sunrise" which bestows a carnival of bright, vivacious colours all with unique bronze foliage.
A Dragonis B Petunia C Antirrhinum D Antidragonum 12.
The nurseries are filled with hundred of flowers like Chambeli (jasmine), motia (another jasmine variety), champa (plumeria), raat ki rani (cestrum), roses, nargis and the less-known din ka raja (cestrum diurnum), petunia antirrhinum, calendula, dog flowers and many other flowering and non-flowering plants.
A Mini cyclamen, which will look good up to about Christmas, a new autumn flowering stock, dianthus, and antirrhinum, both of which will re-flower in the spring, as well as F1 wallflower - and, of course, a big choice of bulbs.
Pot on small plants and pinch out growing points of surfinias, fuchsias, nemesia, diascia, antirrhinum and ivy-leaved geranium.
Some 240 Yorkshire schools lining the race route were each given a share of 120,000 seeds of Antirrhinum Majus Arrow Yellow, a flowering snapdragon, and asked to use their surroundings as inspiration.
Q My local garden centre has antirrhinum and dianthus in flower now.
Other friendly plants include antirrhinum, aquilegia, clematis, campanula, delphinium, geum, impatiens, mimulus, nigella, viola and vitis.
Eden Project horticulturist Lucy Wenger offers some budget-conscious tips: Budget bedding plants A tray of tagetes (marigolds) or antirrhinum (snapdragons) will add instant colour to your garden.