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the measures taken to control a riot

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The regime was forced to airlift in special IRGC and Basij antiriot units from elsewhere to put down the violence.
That protest, conducted the seventh day after the death of Ayatollah Montazeri, a major regime critic, was marked by the seizure and burning of several police vehicles, the refusal by some antiriot police to beat protesters, the spreading to smaller cities, and was joined by some clerics.
More than 1,000 antiriot police officers were deployed to keep the peace but thousands of villagers, some of them returning to the villages from nearby cities, have continued to protest, according to the Boxun news website, which frequently posts reports on human rights in China.
When two hundred magistrates try to demonstrate peacefully inside the headquarters of their syndicate for their rights or those of their brethren in Palestine, two thousand antiriot police are called upon to encircle their building and clear its surroundings.
The military troops were called Task Force 546, which was comprised of 176 men and with an addition of 42 other personnel serving as consultants, co-operative staff members, a database team, a public health service unit and antiriot police.
Other prominent PSB missions include counternarcotics, countersubversion (political and religious, including countering nonviolent challenges to state power), and acting as antiriot shock troops.
There were no new developments in the case of eight Tabliq Muslims arrested in 2004 for attacking an evangelical Christian outreach in Masaka District and for assaulting antiriot police that resulted in one civilian death and several injuries.
The brick, literally a structural building block, is here deployed against both masonry walls and those improvised on the spot by antiriot police squads.
100) The central government continues to arrest anyone who tries to form an independent labor organization, and just to make its intentions clear it "ordered cities across the country to augment their antiriot police" in January 2001.
32) Brown, who subverted Wool's authority and tried to direct his own antiriot response from New York City Police Department headquarters, has to take at least some of the blame for the ensuing disaster.
As I watched the government's display of force playing out before my eyes that evening--including helicopters circling overhead, elite units of antiriot police standing ready, and plainclothes Intelligence Ministry agents buzzing around on motorbikes, I remembered what Morad Saghafi, a leading Iranian prodemocracy intellectual, told me: "Politics is dying.
On that hot and rainy evening five years ago, 4,800 soldiers from the People's Liberation Army drove into Hong Kong with 21 antiriot vehicles.
42), Nirala seems to make an antiriot statement: kamgalo ka katl aho is rakhi ke ramg me chipa "in the color of this rakhi is hidden the blood of the poor" (Naval, Nirala Racanavali, 1: 54-55).
Critics have also attacked the special antiriot police force, under the control of Ian Henderson, a 68-year-old retired British officer who has headed Bahrain's Central Investigation Department since 1966 and is known for heavy-handedness in dealing with the Shia opposition.