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the measures taken to control a riot

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On Thursday, with the ministrations of Pinol and antiriot police, accompanied by the largesse of money, fiberglass boats, sacks of rice and scholarships for their children, the erosion of their dignity appeared complete.
The violence is often expressed by the contrast between uniformed police in shiny white antiriot helmets and a crowd of anonymous demonstrators (Figure 6, left).
The following day, policemen in full antiriot gear appeared.
" Some of the JCPs had given a suggestion that antiriot mock- drills be started to prepare the police for such eventualities," the officer added.
In February 2014, antiriot rubber bullets fired from the Spanish side contributed to the drowning of at least 15 migrants trying to swim around the 80-metre breakwater fence separating Spanish and Moroccan waters.
Further, infantry units armed with less lethal weapons have been utilized for crowd control and antiriot missions.
The defence and reconquest of democracy begins with the dissolution of the repressive bodies (antiriot police, professional army) and the struggle to expand the democratic rights of the social organizations (right to trade-unionization, right to strike and to demonstrate through direct action and civil disobedience if necessary).
In videos posted on the mainland video sharing website Youku, people are seen throwing debris at police wearing antiriot gear and overturning a vehicle of the city management office, while the police use water canon to disperse the crowd.
The regime was forced to airlift in special IRGC and Basij antiriot units from elsewhere to put down the violence.
That protest, conducted the seventh day after the death of Ayatollah Montazeri, a major regime critic, was marked by the seizure and burning of several police vehicles, the refusal by some antiriot police to beat protesters, the spreading to smaller cities, and was joined by some clerics.
More than 1,000 antiriot police officers were deployed to keep the peace but thousands of villagers, some of them returning to the villages from nearby cities, have continued to protest, according to the Boxun news website, which frequently posts reports on human rights in China.
When two hundred magistrates try to demonstrate peacefully inside the headquarters of their syndicate for their rights or those of their brethren in Palestine, two thousand antiriot police are called upon to encircle their building and clear its surroundings.
The military troops were called Task Force 546, which was comprised of 176 men and with an addition of 42 other personnel serving as consultants, co-operative staff members, a database team, a public health service unit and antiriot police.
Other prominent PSB missions include counternarcotics, countersubversion (political and religious, including countering nonviolent challenges to state power), and acting as antiriot shock troops.