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an expert or collector of antiquities

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It seemed then to be your opinion, that the charm lay entirely in the art with which the unknown author had availed himself, like a second M`Pherson, of the antiquarian stores which lay scattered around him, supplying his own indolence or poverty of invention, by the incidents which had actually taken place in his country at no distant period, by introducing real characters, and scarcely suppressing real names.
In this manner, a man of talent, and of great antiquarian erudition, limited the popularity of his work, by excluding from it every thing which was not sufficiently obsolete to be altogether forgotten and unintelligible.
To take an illustration from a sister art, the antiquarian details may be said to represent the peculiar features of a landscape under delineation of the pencil.
wheels, so as to support the weight of Antiquarian learning;
But Monsieur Filon's stories sometimes end as merrily as they begin; and always he is all delicacy--a delicacy which keeps his large yet minute antiquarian knowledge of that vanished time ever in service to a direct interest in humanity as it is permanently, alike before and after '93.
Bahia Blanca -- Geology -- Numerous gigantic Quadrupeds -- Recent Extinction -- Longevity of species -- Large Animals do not require a luxuriant vegetation -- Southern Africa -- Siberian Fossils -- Two Species of Ostrich -- Habits of Oven-bird -- Armadilloes -- Venomous Snake, Toad, Lizard -- Hybernation of Animal -- Habits of Sea-Pen -- Indian Wars and Massacres -- Arrow-head, antiquarian Relic.
To a man living so much in the past, and so little in the present, as the secluded and antiquarian old bachelor, a century and a half seemed not so vast a period as to obviate the propriety of substituting right for wrong.
This is the time of year when the Gathering is usually organised and grants applied for, but that has not happened because of the emergency situation with the Antiquarians.
Boxes of the glass plate negatives were discovered by history enthusiast and member of the city's Antiquarians Society, Bill Hawkins, when he was sorting through archive material to use for a website.
Reflecting the interests and contributions of Irish archaeologist Woodman to the discipline, the 21 articles in this first volume cover artefacts and antiquarians, old and new fieldwork, and people and animals from long ago.
We in the modern first trade have a sense that the general antiquarian dealers don't feel we're real antiquarians.
Long before anyone had made any sense of Egyptian languages, Renaissance antiquarians were left only with Horapollo, the confused, eccentric histories of Egypt passed down from antique authors, and the mysterious artifacts themselves.
As for Andersonville, Georgia itself: the surprisingly tiny "star" fort overlooks seemingly ordinary fields still being picked over by antiquarians.
Davis purchased a number of his books from antiquarians in London, used bookstores, and from the Internet.