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a substance that relieves or prevents itching

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With respect to treatment, topical therapy with broad-spectrum sunscreens, anti-inflammatories, and antipruritics should be maximized during the initial management of DM-related skin involvement, both in the presence and absence of muscle involvement.
Multiple forms of topical therapy were tried, including potent steroids and antipruritics, but all of these were ineffective.
Product coverage: Antiparasitics/Lice (Head and Body) Treatments, Antipruritics, Cold Sore Treatments, Haemorrhoid Treatments, Hair Loss Treatments, Medicated Shampoos, Nappy (Diaper) Rash Treatments, Paediatric Medicated Skin Care, Topical Allergy Remedies/Antihistamines, Topical Antifungals, Topical Germicidals/Antiseptics, Vaginal Antifungals.
Use of agents that contain both moisturizers and topical antipruritics (such as pramoxine) or topical aspirin and salicylates with topical steroids, may be especially useful.
Motrin IB tablets and caplets in the FastCap package join a list of venerable products marketed by the Upjohn Consumer Products Division including: Motrin IB Sinus caplets, Dramamine and Dramamine II motion sickness remedies, Cortaid and Maximum Strength Cortaid antipruritics, Kaopectate and Kaopectate II antidiarrheals, Mycitracin topical antibiotic, Progaine shampoo, Doxidan and Surfak laxatives and Unicap multivitamins.