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an unstable negatively charged proton

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The classical unmatter atoms were formed by particles like (a) electrons, protons, and antineutrons, or (b) antielectrons, antiprotons, and neutrons.
That laser technique won't work for antiprotons because anti-hydrogen is difficult to produce and harness.
Contract notice: Antiproton and Ion Research (acceleration system).
The team says a small number of antiprotons lie between the Van Allen belts of trapped "normal" matter.
The ALPHA collaboration stored atoms of antihydrogen, consisting of a single negatively charged antiproton orbited by a single positively charged anti-electron (positron).
Oppositely, the antimatter is made out of antielectrons, antiprotons, and antineutrons.
First collisions of protons and antiprotons observed at the Tevatron's Collider Detector at Fermilab.
The circular collider creates new particles by smashing together protons and antiprotons traveling close to the speed of light; collisions reach energies of almost 2 trillion electron volts.
The new results come from Hangst's ALPHA experiment, which cools a stream of antiprotons into a cloud of about 40,000 particles.
Researchers at Fermilab's DZero detector, which smashes together protons and antiprotons circling almost at light speed in the Tevatron accelerator, took about a year to sift through data gathered between 2002 and 2006.
About 10 years ago, researchers created atoms of antihydrogen by combining antiprotons and positrons, the antimatter equivalents of protons and electrons.
Recent improvements that have enabled the Tevatron to smash together protons and antiprotons in unprecedented numbers made possible the creation of the cascade baryon, he adds.
Energetic collisions among the cosmic rays--each a high-speed proton or other nucleus that flies about the universe at nearly the speed of light--can produce occasional antiprotons.
The scientists found telltale traces of the sigma-bs in the debris produced by more than 100 trillion collisions of protons and antiprotons that had occurred in the accelerator in the past 5 years.