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someone who is elected pope in opposition to another person who is held to be canonically elected

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In 1415, Pope Gregory XII resigned in an effort to put an end to the so-called 'Western Schism' 6 a complex web of affairs in which two others -- the Avignon Pope Benedict XIII and the Antipope John XXIII 6 also claimed the papacy.
Front matter in the first volume includes an alphabetical list of entries (nearly a thousand) and three simple, useful maps of Italy (at circa 600, in the thirteenth century, and circa 1350); the entries, spanning the "Acciaiuoli Family" to "Saint Zita," are followed in the second volume by a five-page appendix of popes (including Antipopes) and rulers and a one-hundred-ten-page index of names, places, and a host of other terms.
Moreover, while many traditionalists have a certain respect for Pope John Paul II, some go so far as to call the popes of and after the council "antipopes," not really popes at all.
While the fight for the throne will not rank with the kings and pretenders or the popes and antipopes studied in the college's history classes, the battle between the college and the state-university system of which it is a part seems nearly as complicated.
This alphabetical encyclopedia covers "all of the popes (and antipopes), as well as topics related to the papacy such as encyclicals, religious orders, and the arts" (Preface: xv).
King Conrad was replaced in 1152 by Frederick Barbarossa, who launched a series of attacks on ecclesiastical influence and installed a number of antipopes. It is in this context that we may best interpret Hildegard's correspondence disclosing opaque, divine warnings to these three figures, their supporters and their successors.
A very strange scene shows the burning of four antipopes; and, right out of its sequence, there is a representation of the founding and building of the city of Alessandria -- founded in 1168 and so-named in honour of the pope.
This volume attempts, and succeeds in, a fresh investigation of what have been the traditional areas of inquiry: the schism (Alexander faced three antipopes supported by Frederick Barbarossa), the quarrel with Barbarossa, the Becket controversy, the efficacy of a papacy when the pope was almost never in Rome, and the decretals (over seven hundred of them!) issued by Alexander.
The upheaval that accompanied and followed their efforts resulted in civil war in Germany, in the most horrible sacking of the city of Rome in its history, and in several generations of bitter contest between popes and antipopes and between popes and secular rulers.
The building stands at the north end of the large square in front of the Palais des Papes, home in the 14th century to six of the seven original Avignon popes and afterward to the antipopes of the Western Schism.
They believe they are antipopes, imposters, precursors of the anti-Christ perhaps, or quite possibly even the anti-Christ.
If each of these discs offers more than the sum of its parts, the same is still more true of two new collections from the Orlando Consort which were selected and prepared for performance by Margaret Bent, who also wrote the liner notes: Popes and antipopes: music for the courts of Avignon and Rome (Metronome MET CD 1008, rec 1994) and John Dunstaple (Metronome MET CD 1009, rec 1995).
Run by a devotee of the Tridentine Latin Mass, it combines an attack on the Work with the claim that Pope Benedict XVI and his predecessor are both antipopes. In case after case, Mr.
The first half of the present volume consists of the Lexikon's biographical entries on the popes and antipopes; the second half contains articles on the theological, canonical, and institutional aspects of the papacy.
Those elected and consecrated in this fashion were called antipopes, of whom there have been as many as 39 in the history of the church.