diametrical opposition

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Synonyms for diametrical opposition

the relation of opposition along a diameter

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Another way of assessing the antipodal location of the Earth major landforms severity is the rectilinear correlation r coefficient calculation between absolute heights (depths) of the earth surface within antipodal points.
2] may be regarded as hyperbolae for F1 and the antipodal point to [F.
There had been some recent speculation that a sizable asteroid impact in one location would send a powerful seismic wave around the Earth, focusing its energy at the antipodal point opposite the impact and causing massive lava irruptions in that area.
A white dot indicates a point which is paired with its antipodal point.
It will mean that, when he includes his previous challenges, Mark will have covered 20,000 miles and passed through two antipodal points on the globe - making it a run around the world.